About QAP

About QAP

Qatar America Partnership provides information on the US-Qatari strategic relationship in effort to enhance the vital partnership between Washington, D.C. and Doha, as well as the enduring friendship among the Qatari and American people. 


Facts About Qatar

  • Qatar is a Gulf nation that enjoys a strategic partnership and close friendship with the United States.  
  • Qatar is a full and trusted strategic partner of the United States. 
  • Qatar is a strong military partner of the United States, hosting the largest overseas air base used by the United States and other facilities.
  • Qatar works closely and fully supports the U.S. in defeating terrorism and violent extremism, as well as building peace all over the world.
  • Qatar is the largest global supplier of Liquid Natural Gas, and ensures global energy supplies.
  • Qatar is a leading supporter of the values of free media, US cultural ties, as well will host the 2022 soccer World Cup.
  • Qatar will invest over $35 billion in the United States over the next five years, this is an addition to the tens of billions of dollars of investments presently.



Governed by the Al Thani family since the mid-1800s, Qatar within the last 60 years transformed itself from a poor British protectorate noted mainly for pearling into an independent state with significant oil and natural gas revenues.

Located in the Middle East, peninsula bordering the Persian Gulf and Saudi Arabia, its total size is 11,586 sq km, equivalent as slightly smaller than the state of Connecticut.

In 2016 the population stood at 2,258,283, slightly smaller than Nevada

Qatar has 8 municipalities, which last held elections in 2015. These elections included a number of women candidates, that for the first time won a seat in the councils.

Women are an integral and free part of Qatari society. Women vote, run for municipal elections, drive, own businesses and participate freely in all parts of public and social life,. Following the lead of Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser (the chairperson of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development) women are employed and educated at all levels of society.

It is the hope of Qatar America, that this website will serve as an informational guide to that friendship, strengthening and enhancing the bond between the Qatari and American people.